Did you know you can use your crystals to help your immune system?

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When you stress or live in fear it lowers your immune system.  Energy flows where attention goes so try to keep your thoughts light and imagine a positive outcome in all situations.

You can use your crystals to help your immune system. 

Place any of these stones over the thymus (higher heart chakra) and leave in place for 20–30 minutes.  This can be done while you meditate.

Black Tourmaline•Lepidolite•Chevron Amethyst•Lapis Lazuli•Green Calcite•Turquoise•Moss Agate•Fluorite•Bloodstone•Sodalite•Rhyolite•Zoisite•Tree Agate•Picture Jasper•Brandberg Amethyst

Links to some studies done on how stress affects the immune system:





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