Do you need the Crystal Protection Kit?

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Sometimes you feel a little uneasy.  Agitated.  Something is bothering you but you can’t put your finger on it.

We are all surrounded by unseen, invisible vibes and subtle energy fields, including thoughts and feelings, imprints and impressions that can subtly disturb our sense of wellbeing. This toxic energy is an intrusion which is silent and yet very powerful in its draining effect. A filter is needed for this, and crystals can help to protect ourselves from this invisible invasion, enhance our energy and hold our own sacred space. Self-protection isn’t aggressive or threatening, but is simply about feeling secure within your own self. It is about creating a safe space in which to live, work and have your being. It creates healthy boundaries and a calm, quiet centre in which to simply be. It’s about having positive emotions and constructive thoughts that create a positive world. It’s about creating a tranquil space in which others cannot disturb your equilibrium –either deliberately or by what they think or feel spilling out into the atmosphere around you.  The truth is most people don’t realise that what they feel or think in your presence has an effect on you, those vibes flow to you, just like what you think and feel flows outward to other people. Crystals have been used for protection of bad vibes for thousands of years. A crystal creates a boundary through which you can be aware of feelings and emotions and external signals, but not be overwhelmed by them.

You need crystal protection if:

  • You are an empath
  • You work closely with other people, particularly those who are troubled or ill.
  • People naturally gravitate to you with their troubles.
  • You give a great deal of energy to other people.
  • Certain people or places leave you feeling drained and tired.
  • You are sensitive to atmospheres.
  • You automatically take on a friend’s feelings.
  • You live with your head in the clouds.
  • You are anxious, nervy, on edge all the time.
  • You feel perpetually tired, listless, hopeless.
  • You feel invaded, somehow not yourself.
  • You dwell on things, turning them over and over in your mind.
  • Someone is showing animosity towards you.
  • You are a water sign: Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.
  • You are psychic or a healer or therapist.

 You can use the protection kit in your space, keep them together in a pile next to your bedside table or desk.  Keep them in their pouch in your handbag or car.  They’re also great to meditate with setting the intention of protection.  You can use them altogether or separately.

Cleanses the aura and protects it.  Replaces negative energies with positive, loving vibrations.
Energy protector - it helps when being bombarded by other people's negative thoughts.  Provides a protective shield on the aura.
Crystal Quartz
Magnifies and strengthens the body's energy field against external invasion.
Black Tourmaline
Absorbs negative energy to prevent it from impacting your own energy.  Cleanses, purifies & transforms dense energy into a lighter vibration.  Forms a protective shield around the body.
Cleanses the aura. Negativity does not survive around joyful Topaz.

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