My 7 Favourite Crystals

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My 7 favourite crystals…no make it 9, oh hell, what’s one more - My 10 favourite crystals!
This is a hard one but I’ve managed to narrow it down.  People often ask me what my favourite crystals are, it’s so hard to choose just one that I usually end up saying “…but I also love this…” and “…but I also love that…”.  So here we go:


I use it to protect my aura and avoid energy leakage.  The best is that it removes other people’s projections onto you.  It’s also the stone of transformation which makes it a great stone to hold onto when we go through some changes in life, it gives us strength to carry on.  I just love the reflection of blues and greens which come off this stone.

Rose Quartz

Whether you have a piece near you or you wear a Rose Quartz bracelet, you can’t help but feel calm when you look at Rose Quartz.  It is the stone to teach you self-love - we can’t give and receive love if we don’t love who we see in the mirror.  This stone encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance because no one on this earth is perfect and we need to be a little gentler on ourselves.  It’s also the kindness and compassion stone when we need to be a little kinder to the people around us.


I use Selenite to help clear my mind when I meditate, it’s great for getting rid of that monkey mind.  I also like to use it to clear my aura from any sticky energies I might have picked up.  You’ll feel the difference by just running a piece around your aura.  It raises your vibrations which help to keep those low vibing feelings of stress, anger, anxiety and fear out of your space.

Blue Lace Agate

This is THE stone for the throat chakra.  It reminds me of cloud-gazing, it’s so relaxing getting lost in its pale blue and white lines and swirls.  It’s a stone to use to calm down anger and physical inflammation.   I like to use Blue Lace Agate when I need to express myself calmly and clearly, be it to sort a problem out or in a meeting where clear communication is necessary.  I’ve used it for sore throats and to calm fevers and for neck and shoulder problems too.


Fluorite comes in rainbow colours, in one piece you can see different hues of greens, purples and yellows.  I like to use Fluorite when I come down with a cold and for toothache.  When I need to concentrate and focus on a project, Fluorite is my go to stone as it helps with mental organisation and to process information.  I like to give it to students who are studying for exams to help with concentration.


Whenever I need to get in touch with the charming, sunnier side of my personality then Carnelian is it.  You cannot be in a bad mood when using it!  It’s an uplifting stone and so useful for keeping motivated in anything that you do.  It’s also the one to help you when you need your creative juices to flow, be it in the kitchen or for any arts and crafts projects.

Black Tourmaline

Ah Black Tourmaline!  Of all the crystals, this stone’s effects are the quickest!  When you feel agitated for no reason it usually means somebody else’s thoughts or feelings are bothering you.  Black Tourmaline returns those thoughts or feelings to sender, not allowing it to impact your own energies.  It protects against ill-wishing and negative energies of all kinds.  Instantly feel more upbeat and positive when you grab a piece of rough black tourmaline.


Moonstone is the stone for the female organs and I like to use it when things feel a little emotionally unbalanced, you know, like the four seasons all in one day - tearful, happy, laughing, mad.  It’s great for PMS and just to calm things down generally.

 Lapis Lazuli

One of the oldest of gemstones.  If you’re lucky enough to find a piece of Lapis Lazuli with flecks of pyrite, it’ll be like looking at the night sky.  Lapis Lazuli is a spiritual stone and is the stone for migraine headaches.  A stone of truth, it allows self-expression and encourages self-awareness enabling you to express your own opinions.

Clear Quartz

The most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet.  It links to all the chakras to provide balance and harmony.  It provides clarity and amplifies the energies of any other crystal next to it.  It’s the great manifestor.  By raising our vibes, thoughts and perspectives, it enables us to manifest our intentions.  I like to use the crystal points for grids - points facing in will bring more of what you intend in, while points facing out will help to release anything in the way or that needs to go.  I like to use Smoky Quartz for grids too.  (Sorry, I just had to squeeze one more stone in 😉)

I’d love to hear about your favourite crystals, drop me a comment below.

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