Short Chakra exercise (meditation) to clear your aura

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🌈The chakras are like a human rainbow🌈

Here’s an exercise that will help to clear the aura and disperse incompatible energies.
•Stand comfortably with your arms at your sides
•Take a few deep breaths
•Visualize that you can enclose yourself with 7 spheres of coloured light in the following way. Breathe in slowly, as you do so, see red light rising from behind your heels, moving up your legs and up to the top of your head.
•On the out breath see the red light moving down over the front of your body until it is under your feet. You are now enclosed in a sphere of red light.
•Breathe up orange light and surround your red sphere with it in the same way, making sure that it totally encloses the red sphere and creates an orange sphere outside it.
•Breathe up yellow light and surround the orange sphere
•Breathe up green and surround the yellow sphere
•Breathe up blue and surround the green sphere
•Breathe up blue and surround the green sphere
•Breathe up indigo and surround the blue sphere
•Breathe up violet and surround the indigo sphere
You are now totally enclosed in a wonderful rainbow of light.

🌕You can end off with a sphere of protection
•On the in-breath, breathe up a bright golden light and surround yourself with a sphere of gold on the out-breath. This is an energy of strength and protection. It allows positive vibrations into your aura, but prevents negative ones from entering.
*This exercise can be used at the end of the day or whenever you feel the need for protection or at the end of a meditation when you are going to return to everyday life.🌕

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