So what exactly is abundance?

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Abundance is not only about money.  Abundance is a state of mind that includes prosperity, opportunities, success, potentiality and so much more. Our attitude to prosperity determines how much abundance we enjoy. All of us have a thought, an idea, a belief or limitation about money - having it, not having it, wanting it, not wanting it, people with money are a certain way, that’s how rich people behave.  Prosperity consciousness is about feeling satisfied and secure with what you have, living an enriching and fulfilling life, sharing life’s bounty, feeling gratitude and trusting that the universe provides appropriately for your needs. On the other hand, poverty consciousness is about always feeling a lack we say things like - I can't afford this, this is not for me, I don't have the money right now, in my dreams, if only I could..., that'll be the day etc.

Steps to abundance:

  • Change your mental program by joining the 21-day Abundance Challenge  - what your mind conceives, it achieves.
  • Set realistic goals but don’t be afraid to dream and aim high.
  • Measure your self-worth by who you are, not what you do or what you have.
  • Follow your bliss: do what you love and abundance follows.
  • Obey the fundamental law of attraction: like follows like.
  • Believe you can fulfil your dreams.
  • Gratitude: notice and appreciate all the small joys of everyday life.
  • Recognise that the universe wants you to succeed.
  • Focus on exactly what you want to attract right now.
  • Give yourself time, kindness and compassion.
  • Avoid doubt and guilt and no longer procrastinate.
  • Let go of fear or self-pity.
  • Share what you have and take pleasure in giving.
  • Balance your earth star, base and sacral chakras - ask me how.

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