Your left side channel or Nadi

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In addition to the chakras of the body, there are also channels (nadis) that run down both sides of the body.

The left side of our body is the moon side, the feminine side of us which represents our desires, emotions and the past. It is considered to be the cool side and it can affect us by making us feel depressed, lethargic, introverted and self-pitying.

Symptoms of an over-exhausted or weak left side:

  • feelings of loneliness •exhaustion and lethargy
  • excessive focus on past events
  • depression and over emotional feelings

Light and heat are the two most effective means of combating the problems of a weak left side. Sit in the Sun or a bright space for as long as possible each day.

Also, wearing a Sunstone bracelet on your left wrist could help.

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