Cosmic Connection Collection

These bracelets were made between the full moon on 19 December 2021 and the new moon on 2nd January 2022.  Cosmic energies were at a high point during this time as it was the Summer Solstice and Christmas.  Diana Cooper tells us that "extra high frequency light entered the planet at the Solstice, and it was higher than ever before."

When you connect to cosmic consciousness you rise-up from the physicality of earth and reach for the stars, quite literally!  In cosmic consciousness we see life as an ever enfolding series of miracles and we experience the divinity within ourselves.  Cosmic consciousness is where we rediscover our own truth, the truth of who we really are - ageless, timeless, eternal, immortal.

Wearing these bracelets will serve as a reminder for you to connect to the Cosmic Consciousness so that wisdom can be poured into your heart and allow you to access your soul’s plan.  The bracelets will serve as a reminder that you are worthy of miracles so that they can unfold in your life.  The bracelets have been charged with Cosmic energy to assist in shifting your frequency so that you resonate in sync with the highest potential of these changing times.  "The great work before us is to invent or re-invent healthy, mature cultures - not merely sustainable, just, cooperation based cultures but life-enhancing, visionary cultures capable of cooperating with evolution itself, with the emerging future, with the cosmos." - Bill Plotkin

*Only one available of each.