Chakra Candle Set

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Spring clean your chakras with this Chakra Set!

Negative emotions are held in the chakras and have a profound effect on our organs and wellbeing.  Placing crystals on the corresponding chakra for 5 to 15 minutes transmutes negative emotions into positive ones and enhances our capacity for joy!

Set includes chakra bracelet, 7 crystal stones corresponding to the 7 chakras, a scripted meditation (or a spoken meditation can be Dropboxed to you if you prefer) and a wonderful bright candle to use during chakra work or to scent your space.  Each colour has a different scent attributed to the chakras.  Essential oils used:

Red                       Patchouli
Orange                  Orange
Yellow                   Lemongrass
Green                   Geranium
Blue                      Ylang-Ylang
Indigo                   Jasmine blend
Violet                    Lavender