Health + Well-being Crystal Kit

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If you're looking to start your healing journey or a spiritual journey then this healing kit is the one for you.  Encourages relaxation and induces a sense of wellbeing, as it rebalances your subtle energies and re-energizes your body.

Consists of: 
Stone of peace.  Alleviates sadness, helps with insomnia.
High energy stone excellent for restoring vitality, increasing motivation and stimulating creativity.
Rose Quartz
Stone of unconditional love.  It brings deep inner-healing and self-love.  Good for use
in trauma or crisis.
Crystal Quartz
The most powerful healing and energy amplifier, it will magnify the properties of the stones around it.
It calms panic attacks.  Enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-trust.

Notice:  The product you receive may differ very slightly from that which is pictured as it is made from natural stones.