Protect Aura Mist

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Protect Aura Mist

  • Protection from negative energies • Security • Stress relief •
  • 50ml

When to Use:

To deflect negative energy

Remain grounded when surrounded by changing, stressful or chaotic energy

When exposed to draining or demanding people or situations

Ground and protect the aura

Before meditation, during illness or to clear the negative energy in a room.

Objects and crystals can also be sprayed, when cleansing and recharging is needed

Before you step inside your home to clear all the negative energies collected in your aura from the day out.

Anytime, anywhere.

This aura mist is hand made using the healing intent of Reiki and crystal water that has been charged in full moonlight.  It is enriched with pure essential oils and a little alcohol for preservation.  Different essential oil blends and crystal waters are added relevant to the specific full moon and time of year to strengthen the properties of the aura mist.

Bottled in a cobalt blue glass bottle to protect against oxidation. 

Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight.