About Me

I am an Energy Healer.

My spiritual journey started when various books from meditation to crystals were serendipitously placed in my path by family and friends.   I was unhappy, but for no real reasons.  It was then that I realised these negative emotions and thought patterns were deeply rooted in my childhood.  These emotions and patterns were causing limitations and illness in my life.   I started to collect crystals and embarked on a Reiki course which changed my life forever!   Using Reiki and Crystal healing has had a profound positive effect on my life journey.  It helped to quieten the negative voices and negative emotions of self-criticism, judging myself and others. It helped me to better cope with whatever life threw at me and to better understand about my place in this Universe.  Through Reiki, crystals and meditation I was able to attract and manifest positivity in my life.

This is when I decided I wanted to share these positive effects and healing with you in the form of jewellery and other curated pieces which not only have the natural healing benefits of crystals but I also charge them with the vital life force energy through Reiki.  Reiki and crystal energy helps you with your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs.

I believe that my pieces will help set you on your journey to move past negativity and traumas and find your way to a more harmonious state of being.  A life of peace.

P.S.  I do offer healing sessions in the form of Shamanic Reiki, Crystal Healing and Access Bars.  Please get in touch for more information.