Do you only sell what's on your website?  If you're looking for a specific crystal, Himalayan Salt or Rose Quartz Lamps, chipstone bracelets, pendulums, Shungite, Moldavite or anything crystal related, please drop us a line on info@theartofenergy.co.za, I can source most items at very competitive prices.

How long does delivery take?  Most items are hand-made so please allow up to 7 days (usually a little less) to prepare your order after receiving payment confirmation.

How do I know my wrist size?  Measure your wrist with a measuring tape, don't add on centimetres.  Let me know in the notes section of your order or drop me an email if you prefer a loose fit.  If you don't have a measuring tape, use a piece of string, put it around your wrist then measure it against a ruler for the centimetres.

Do you only make Small, Medium or Large?  I can make any size.  Measure as per above and let me know in the notes section or drop us an email:  info@theartofenergy.co.za

Do you only make elasticated bracelets?  No, most of my bracelets I can make on wax or satin cord or add a clasp, drop me an email with your requirements. info@theartofenergy.co.za

Do you customise?  Yes, I can customise with a specific "prescription" or intention of your choice - anxiety, deflecting negative energy, fertility etc.  Subject to availability of beads.

Do you cleanse your products?  Absolutely!  All my products are cleansed and charged with Reiki healing energy before they are shipped.

What is Reiki?  In short, Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing using “universal life force energy” which is channelled by the practitioner to the recipient.  Reiki practitioners use their hands to deliver this energy.  The energy is used for healing intentions and can be used in one on one healing, distant healing and to charge items with healing intentions.