Sunstone Chipstone Bracelet

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Can you see the sparkle on this Sunstone bracelet?  Grab it now, only 2 available and I can't promise when there will be more of this sparkly, high-grade Sunstone again.
  • Handmade with intention and charged with Reiki energy
  • Meaning card included

Properties of Sunstone:  Joyful and light-inspiring.  It brings in light and energy allowing the real self to shine through happily.  If you struggle with seasonal affective disorder(SAD), Sunstone lightens the darkness of winter and lifts any depression.  Reverses feelings of failure and increases self-worth and confidence. Wear Sunstone at all times if you have  difficulty saying “No” and continually make sacrifices for others. Extremely useful for removing "hooks" from other people.


  • Sunstone chipstone beads 
  • Any size, specify at checkout
  • Weight: 20 grams


  • Sunstone chipstone beads, elasticated thread.

Notice:  The product you receive may differ very slightly from that which is pictured as it is made from natural stone materials.