Heart Chakra gift set crystal healing south africa

Heart Chakra Gift Set

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Gift box might differ from the picture.  Gift set includes:  bracelet, aura spray and Rose Quartz palm stone.

Stimulates the heart chakra and supports healing & balance, the sphere of love and nurturing.

When our heart chakra is in balance and working optimally we are able to love purselves and love others unconditionally.  Forgiveness is possible.  We are able to feel compassion, peaceful harmony and universal love.  Acceptance.

When our chakra is imbalanced we are overly defensive, feel closed down, jealous, fear of intimacy, co-dependence, rely on other's approval & attention, people pleasing, victimization, excessive isolation, antisocial, hold grudges, unforgiveness, fear, shy, lonely, lack of empathy, critical, bitter,  feeings of isolation/unworthiness, resentment, anxiety.

Typical dis-eases: These are psychosomatic and reactive –angina, asthma, chest infections, frozen shoulder, heart attacks, ulcers.