How to Choose the Right Crystal item for You

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Try not to overthink it!

Many people believe that crystals find us. That's because it is very common for someone to choose a crystal based on the way it looks, only to discover that the healing properties of that stone are spot on when it comes to what is needed in that person's life at the time.
The best thing to do is go through the website and see which ones you are drawn too.  Make a note of any items that pop out at you immediately. Don't click on them and don't read anything about them - just write down their names or add them to your cart as a sort of shortlist. 

Here are some questions to help you with this step:

  • Which one are you drawn to because of its beauty?
  • Which one tugs you energetically as you pass your eyes over all the different ones?
  • Which ones just feel like they’re calling out to you?  Your eyes will keep coming back to those.

Now spend a little time gazing at each different item (again without reading anything about it). As you do that, notice any emotions that come up as you gaze at the item.  How does its appearance make you feel?  Follow your intuition.

Click on the items that you were drawn to the most and read about them in the “Description”.  You'll be surprised at how much it aligns with what you are looking for in your life right now.

Choose a Crystal according to an intention or symptom:

Simply type into the search bar any intention or symptom you may need help with, example:






and the items will pop up

Choose a Crystal That Corresponds to a Chakra That You Want to Open or Balance

Crystals are wonderful tools for balancing our chakras. Different stones emit different frequencies that resonate with a corresponding chakra. So if you know that a certain chakra is out of balance based on certain symptoms you are having, you can choose a crystal that heals that chakra imbalance.  Again, type the chakra name into the search bar and the items will come up.

Failing any of the above, please do get in touch by clicking on the “chat with us” button or drop us an email on  we are happy to help!

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